This website is NOT about a diet!

DIE-OR-BEAT-THESE  is about how coping with medical problems (not just diabetes) can hurt us physically, spiritually, and emotionally over time.  To work through the hard times, we need to develop a positive mindset that has us prepared to beat our challenge, and stay focused on the possibility that there are still solutions that can help.  You may not find one that is the solution, but as you go through different phases, my goal is to share or suggest some solutions that you may never have thought of

I ask people to register to contribute to my site and offer recommendations. While I have Unicity products that I can confidently recommend, this is not going to be a sales and presentation site.  I have a tab you may go to if I mention something interesting, but as with my referrals page, go to my company’s site or contact me for additional product information.

DIE-OR-BEAT-THESE  is an attitude I’ve had to develop and refine.  Any problems that are always there, and will remain long term, affect your mindset at some point.  You experience the hellish lows or heavenly highs that give the feelings of “dying would be so much easier” or “I’m going to beat this no matter what everyone thinks” – and every level in between.  Keeping movement in a positive direction can be tough if you feel like you’re alone and just can’t win.  I could only watch as my husband struggled through the diagnosis of diabetes and so many years of trying to gain control.  It required having a partner to help us keep our balance when we stumbled (or fell on our face), and then get forward momentum going again.  Partnering within any relationship, casual or lifelong, is important to transforming.

Developing a website that can hopefully connect people and businesses in our community with products and ideas has been a dream of mine; I wasn’t sure if I could make it a reality.  I’ve spent a couple of years, making connections and getting thoughts and ideas from people who found successful ways of doing the things I wanted to do.  It’s time to be an example and just start doing what my heart has been prompting me to do.  Someone else may be helped by the knowledge and experiences I learned.  We should all share in making decisions to “beat” the challenges that keep coming our way.  Exchanging ideas with people who have similar issues is one of the best ways to start.

My dad once gave me a thought-provoker that he said could apply to almost anything:  

When you see a bully’s foot drawing back to kick, what do you do (physically – responding mentally is a whole other ballgame!)?  Well, I could stand still and hope it doesn’t hurt too bad.  I can try to twist away and not make myself an easy target.  I could always try and jump, but it takes more effort since I’m standing still!  Running away is possibility, but not an option I would personally choose unless death is immanent, so I’d probably be beat up.  Dad gave me a response totally opposite of a natural reaction; an option few ever think of.  I could run toward the person threatening me before he is totally in position, and probably knock him off balance, not to mention surprising the heck out him!  Hmmm, think he’d come back for more?  Even if he does, you understand your situation better.  The other options still remain available to you.

This was the beginning of my DIE-OR-BEAT-THESE attitude that has saved me, and those I care for, over the last 30 years.   I pray that it can benefit you too!  Unicity came out with a video for their “Define Your Prime” program that gave me the chills!  It’s 2:15 and gives a few simple, but true statements that can be applied to more than just your physical health.  Don’t settle for less than your vision of Prime!