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How to begin my first blog…. I guess a quick overview of the product that gave me the ideas that lead to my website.  I’m a person who is always search for natural alternatives to drugs.  I have been given medicines that resulted in being almost 200 pounds, and I was resigned that nothing natural could change that.  I enjoy my carbs and sugar and am not willing to give them up entirely.  I’ve never been a person who could stay consistent at going to a gym either.  I figured I was doomed to keep gaining until a friend recommended Slim.

Slim is a non-gritty, soluble fiber powder that you shake up with about 8-10 oz of water (the size of a small water bottle is usually about 10).  It reminds me of an Orange Julius or Dreamsicle – an orange flavor without any highly acidic taste.  Drink it about 10 minutes before you eat the meal of your choice.  Slim is a natural product that works from the inside out.  It cleans out your blood vessels to safely transport any fat that needs to go.  Most people notice clothes fitting better before the scale changes, but it may take 2-4 months.  Blood work will show changes sooner, especially with blood sugar and lipids.  This is why diabetics often see changes in their daily sugars within a week or two.

When my husband started Slim, he was on 90-100 units of insulin a day and had to cut back on his doses at mealtime because he started “crashing”.  For those who don’t know the term, that means his body didn’t need the extra insulin he injected, and his sugar went too low.  In about a month he no longer needed it!  His next lipid panel (cholesterol test) was lower and meds were cut in half, then stopped.  He has also struggled with ulcerative colitis (UC) which had a diet totally opposite to a diabetic diet!  Diabetes needs high fiber and low carbs, but UC needs higher carbs and less fiber.  One condition always suffered.  His UC went dormant while taking Slim and it had a chance to heal.  I was surprised that Slim was that gentle on his body.

The results you get from Unicity’s products are reproducible and measurable by your doctor.  I will tell you that it is not a magic supplement to replace any effort to make adjustments, but it provides you with time to make corrections without drastic changes that are too hard to maintain.  I didn’t change my diet too much, but I lost my need to snack and have sugar as frequently.  I still enjoy some sweets, and simply have some extra Slim if I go “all out” with those snacks I couldn’t resist.  The choice to eat them is mine, now.  I learned to control my food when I stopped stress eating because I wouldn’t be able to have it tomorrow….

The psychology that goes along with change was the hardest part!  I learned to recognize my own behaviors and refocus my attention elsewhere.  Getting started on something to keep me busy and distract my thoughts got easier, and more effective, with practice.  It went like this:  What am I doing in the kitchen?  Am I really hungry, or just bored/trying to avoid something?  Try water or Matcha first, and go get started on ____.  If I remembered to go back over an hour later, I did it again.  Soon, I was easily doing the 4-4-12 meal spacing Unicity recommends.  Wait at least four hours between breakfast and lunch, wait at least another four before having dinner, and wait 12 hours until breakfast.  It doesn’t add up to 24, but those are minimum times between meals.  That technique is now easy to use, and I can substitute better choices than I used to.  Distracting yourself actually ends up teaching you how to focus and achieve goals – go figure!

This is how I became active in networking.  I needed to stay busy and people started asking me about my success.  I had to talk to people to share my information for any of the business to grow.  I made the common mistake of sharing with anyone who gave me the opportunity before I had practiced.  Not many of my friends were interested after my fumbling beginning, and I had to get out and share with strangers.  I took time to educate myself, and learn the skills I needed, while doing a lot of practicing on these poor people.  I learned a lot from the responses I got; the trick is to not take it personally and just keep going.  Slim is a product that sells itself, I just needed to find the right way for me to present it correctly!  During this process, I discovered the need to encourage others who felt hopeless too.

I was on a mission to help others who had similar issues to my husband and I.  We each lost over 50 pounds.  I exercised consistently (3 times a week) and was always fighting thoughts about what I shouldn’t eat.  I lost the 50 pounds; going from a 18/20 pant size, to a 10/12.  My husband never had a sweet tooth and didn’t exercise other than occasional walking.  He lost 65 pounds and went from a 46″ waist to a 38″!  That exercise part was soooo not fair, but the results benefited both of us.

We both enrolled in the Get Slim Now Transformation 13-week program which gave us the tools, coaching, education, fitness programs, and nutritional advice we needed to succeed.  Jessica kept making revisions if that week’s plan wasn’t working.  The education we got has continued to help us tweak what we do as life changes.  Outside the program, there are weekly phone calls and counsel available from Unicity, and their master herbalist, which have been priceless over the last two years.  If you are serious about wanting to create change, Transformation is the best, but Slim works on it’s own – as long as you follow the 4-4-12 and try to eat healthy.  

Slim was a tool I learned to use to help get started.  I know it can offer hope to others who feel restrained by medical conditions and the medicine they require.  As a natural supplement, I haven’t discovered any treatments it would interfere with over the last 2 years I have been looking.  Doctors can look it up in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) which is the book that helps them decide on which drugs to give us.  Slim has enough clinical studies to be listed as a clinical treatment.  Just don’t put your doctor’s license on the line by asking “Is this safe?” or “Can I take this?” – that makes them legally accountable for any response now-a-days.  Help them by asking “Would this supplement interfere with your treatment?” or “Do you see any counter-indications for me if I try this product?” which won’t put them on the spot.  They can look it up and give an opinion.  

Doctors have their favorite treatments, and don’t usually try new things, but about 30% of Unicity distributors are health care professionals!  I think it’s worth investigating and asking questions.  So many doctors don’t know about a natural option to try before insulin.  If more doctors knew about it, north Texas diabetics would be healthier.  I send medical professionals to our website:  http://www.pgdnewsdoctors.com/






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