2: Success

I want to make a note on finding success.  We all want to find it, but what each person looks for is different.  Have you given yourself a real, measurable definition that allows you to at least feel a sense of progress?  I always thought of it as a feeling.  I would know when I felt successful – right?  Considering all the ups and downs life took me through, feelings weren’t the most reliable way to determine how I was doing!

It wasn’t until I had a goal I could measure that I began to see how close I was getting, or if I needed to try something different to make a positive change.  Once you have the goal, you have to find choices that help you obtain it as soon as possible, but with the skills to keep it.  That makes it a little harder…  There’s usually a quick and easy way to do things, but if you don’t develop a solid foundation, it won’t stick around long enough to enjoy those hard-earned results.  So what do you do?

Fail your way to success!  As you make attempts to meet your goal, something you try isn’t going to work right for you.  “Oh, it’s so easy to use this program!  It will help you do all the things you’re wanting to do.  You’ve got to try it!” are phrases that scare me.  My example has applied to everything from succeeding in weight loss, business, and learning to use new technology.  Sometimes it does work, but not always.  As long as I remember that I eliminated something that doesn’t work for me, and don’t think that “I failed again”, it’s soooo much easier to get up and move on.

I’m blessed to have several very successful people guiding and advising me as I learn about business.  These individuals reinforced my belief that if you don’t look further ahead, you can’t see the big picture.  I’m technologically challenged (my middle school students taught me to use my iphone!), yet I’m going to try and manage a website so I can help others find help that I didn’t get.  It’s scary, but the only way I could figure out how to reach people is if I create this centralized place, and then refine it along the way. I’m looking at a goal 5 years out.

In 5 years, I hope to be helping diabetics continue to get off insulin, get people off statins/cholesterol medications, and as a result helping with weight loss and all the issues that go with it!  Of course, I hope my Unicity business will cover all costs, and my website and substitute teaching can be the loves of my life (other than my husband) versus work.  However, I know this will only happen with a strong network of people coming together to offer ideas on improving life.  The general mindset needs to be one of positive strength – “kick butt”, high expectations for yourself and giving that belief to others.  If you aim high and fall short, you got farther than if you set your sights lower and made it!

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