4: Resolutions

Is it already 2014?  This year will be a fresh start for me in so many ways! I’ve decided to start focusing on my potential.  I’m measuring this by accomplishing specific goals throughout the year.  I plan to “raise the bar” as I meet my goals.  If there are some I wasn’t able to meet, I need a better plan and intend to ask for some help.

  1. Get my website published and out there!  I’ve had it for almost 2 years and wasn’t sure about how I wanted to reach out to the community.
  2. Make more money.  I intend to get some serious networking connections going – maybe basic presentations on medical conditions and the best ways to deal with the situations that may occur.
  3. Create acceptance presentations.  I’d love to focus on discussions with middle and high school students about common medical conditions, our first impressions and myths, the best ways to help, and understanding our reactions in different situations.  I may do one that could be presented to adults or businesses if there is any interest.
  4. Lose weight and tone up.  I’m in decent shape, but I’m ready to sculpt those problem areas which means gaining muscle.  The scale won’t show my progress as much as a measuring tape, the weight I lift, or the various challenges from programs on the treadmill, so this will be all year – I can’t wait to see how far I can get!
  5. Eat healthier.  Being such a “sweet” person, I always end up eating carbs and sugar, so I’m counting on my husband to keep cooking his delicious meals.  It’s hard to not trade already prepared, convenient foods for the healthy ones as the year goes on.  This will require both of us.
  6. Get the house organized so both my husband and I can maintain the system.  I like a clean home with a “lived-in” feeling, but any organization is gone within 48 hours.  This will take a lot of trial and error to fail my way to success!

As of January 16, number one is ready to be completed – WOOO HOOOO!  I have faith that in doing what I love – helping and teaching others, I will find success with number two.  Perhaps not as much as I want, or potentially beyond my wildest expectations; only our heavenly father knows the answer to that for now.  Three will be ongoing.  I’ll get help with technology to create presentations, and keep making connections with people in specialty areas to draw on for information.  I want to open the door for guest speakers at my presentations since these people will be more up-to-date.

Numbers 4, 5, and 6 will require being consistent and persistent!  Number 4 I have the most control over and have the highest expectations for.  I want to be able to go from a 12.5 minute mile to 9 minutes; do planks for over 2 minutes, add another 25 pounds of lifting strength and keep the neck, shoulders, and carpal tunnels open and free!  Resolution 5 will be an ongoing struggle between enjoying my meals, and not letting myself be led astray by too many bad carbs and sugar along the way.  I will be limiting my carb/sugar intake by doing daily reviews, and modifying my diet the next day.  Number 6 is more of a prayer than a goal, but I have to have at least one lofty goal to shoot for.

What are some of your goals for 2014?  Can you make them measurable, even if the measurement is not an exact one?  As long as it allows you to identify progress, go for it!

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