This is my list of products that may be helpful to you.  I have my products from Unicity at the top as these are what I know and can offer to you with confidence.  As I learn about other products, I intend to be open-minded and include them.  I can’t tell others often enough, that no one health product will work the same for everyone.  It isn’t always the actual product we need to consider either…

Some people need quick-and-easy to start, others don’t mind learning something that will help them.

  • I don’t want to have to think about it, just do it.
  • I need to track numbers or things down in order to remember.
  • If it’s too complicated, I won’t follow through.
  • I know I have no self-discipline and need to develop some.

A product stopped working and it was giving great results!

  • It could be a plateau point and your body is relaxing for a little while.
  • An event has changed your mindset.  Your mind does control your body….look at how you’ve been thinking or feeling lately.  If you don’t see a difference, ask someone if they have noticed any changes (illness, depression, stressed out, sarcastic, anger, etc.) and look at how it could have an effect on what the product was doing for you.
  • Your body has changed.  When we get results we want, the body adapts to being healthier.  Maybe it’s time to change your focus to another thing you’d like to work on.
  • Variety is the spice of life!  Keep your body guessing as to what you will do next, but keep your favorite, tried-and-true items around.  I do vitamins daily, but will take 2-3 weeks a year to kick start my metabolism using an Atkins or Paleo diet.  Going on and off a diet is not failing!  I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but by the end of the year, I can feel the effect of all the food and candy.  I’m ready to go through the carb withdrawal and get energized for the new year.  I couldn’t eat that way all year long, but it’s a tool to help me shake things up a bit – shock therapy, if you will, not a punishment.

I don’t like it, but if it helps, I’ll force myself to do it.

  • That’s a negative spin on a GREAT attitude!  You can do what you need to, but don’t psych yourself out that it can never get better.
  • Not everything will be pleasurable – deal with it.  Interestingly enough, after you do it for awhile and see the results, things don’t seem so bad.
  • Experiment!  One of my goals is to offer other peoples’ choices and recommendations, especially for replacements of certain products.  Unicity has a fresh, green (not vegetably) energy drink, but some people just don’t like a “green” anything, so I’ve mentioned Advocare’s Spark drinks.  I’ve heard they aren’t bad.  You have to try different variations until you like one, and when your tastes change…..try others.

As you look at the following products, look for their potential too.

Let these be ideas that you can mix and match to fit your current situation.

Updated 2013 Unicity logos 009Balance – Cholesterol and Glucose

The Balance original formula now comes in boxes labeled as  cholesterol or glucose.  Both provide cholesterol and blood sugar control with the side effect being weight loss.  To improve glucose absorption, more fiber was added into the product to help keep blood sugar balanced.

Easy to drink with a smooth, Orange Julius like flavor.  Shake with 8-10 oz of water (little water bottle size) and drink about 10 minutes before eating your meal.

Updated 2013 Unicity logos 028

Unicity Matcha and Matcha Focus

Matcha is a Japanese, ceremonial grade Chi-Oka Matcha green tea that helps you increase your energy and fat burning. This carefully selected, ceremonial-grade Japanese Chi-Oka Matcha is rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Matcha for Natural Focus has additional benefits for mental focus. 

No vegetable or grass flavor; best description is “fresh” for regular Matcha.  Matcha Focus has a sour apple or tart flavor.  Both give you long lasting energy without noticing a boost or crash.  I usually realize that I’m well beyond that point in the day when I would normally feel tired, or that I didn’t space out during a late afternoon or evening event.

Updated 2013 Unicity logos 008Unicity Lean Complete – Vanilla and Chocolate 

A delicious meal replacement, Unicity Complete infuses your body with high-quality protein—as well as natural fibers, vitamins, and minerals—to ensure a fit, energized, and well-nourished body. This careful combination will build lean muscle and fits requirements for a high protein/low carb diet. The Complete bulk bag is an eco-friendly way to receive your product each month, and we offer single serve, portable packets for on-the-go convenience.

Great meal replacement if you can’t eat.  You can avoid the protein headache from missed meals.  I use it for breakfast along with LiFiber, and don’t think about food all morning.  I feel no need to snack either!

Updated 2013 Unicity logos 030Unicity LiFiber
Unicity LiFiber provides ample high-quality dietary fiber and herbs that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, LiFiber includes 29 different herbs that supply both insoluble and soluble fiber. The grittiness most people dislike in insoluble fibers is difficult to notice due to the nutty taste.  Gentle enough to use every day.

This is “Comet” for your intestines – scrubs the junk off the sides, but it’s gentle enough to use each day.  If you end up eating a lot of junk food, this helps prevent it from sitting around. I like the flavor; since it is a little like a nutty taste, it can be combined with everything I could think of, and still not dominate my “flavor of the day”.


Updated 2013 Unicity logos 022Cleanse with Aloe Vera or Nature’s Tea
A powerful purifying system, Unicity Cleanse contains all-natural cleansing and digestive health products to neutralize and dislodge toxins, waste, and parasites and remove them from your body. Containing UNICITYLIFIBER, UNICITYALOE VERA, and UNICITYPARAWAY PLUS it acts like a gentle brush—grabbing buildup and cleansing your entire digestive system.

Paraway makes sure any parasites are gotten rid of.  Aloe Vera or Nature’s tea are the keys to the cleansing.  If you have a lot of discomfort, you can reduce these, but try to let it work as much as it can.   “Better out than in.” – Hagred, Harry Potter movies

Unicity ClearStart or Cleanse

MagO7 imageMagO7 from Aerobic Life

  • The timed release ensures that mag 07 will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization
  • Mag O7 has a stool softening effect
  • Mag O7 aids the digestive process by slowly releasing beneficial nascent oxygen

I never knew stools could be easy to pass until I was put on this!  Medication I had taken all my life had made me chronically constipated, and I never realized it.  No one discusses bowel consistency as we grow up.  Some of us don’t know that normal is anything different than what we have always experienced.  I now stay regular with 2-3 capsules at night, and it did not cause diarrhea, just an easy, unstrained movement.