This will be where I create a listing of businesses and people who can offer help to my readers.  I’m not sure of the best way to manage this listing yet.  It will probably be in alphabetical order like a phone book.  This is what anyone recommending a local product, vendor/sales person, or business can reference so there is less temptation to fill the site with sales pitches.  

Most people who offer products from MLM’s do not start as professionals, so I will encourage you to become one.  I’d like to see the focus stay on helping the reader’s issues.  When you start getting excited about talking, check where your focus is going (the problem or your product), if they want more information on a product, refer the person to your contact listing here to get your contact details.

“I can be contacted under ___ on the referrals page.”    or     “See the link to my site on the referrals page.”

Need to insert a form to be submitted for review before publishing information.


Business Directory

 Business In The Black – Darnell Smith        link to their website or email – maybe both

Short summary of what products and services they can offer my readers.                FYI- Business In The Black is playing a major part in educating me about building a website.  Thank you Darnell!

Red Cross – Jane Doe, Blood Drive Coordinator