My website is not about convincing you to try a product, another fad DIE-IT, or baby you into improving your life.  People who are ready to change will be able to use my website as a resource to help themselves.

This site is about finding life-enriching information, sharing ideas, and encouraging positive attitudes.  “Bios” represents my emphasis on living and biology.  If you are ready to try and make some changes, Biosbiz is ready to suggest and refine some of the possibilities that appeal to you.  Biosbiz evolved from being an advertising site that only presented my products, into one of discovering important skills for success that could be shared with my downline and the community.  Unicity taught me that offering opportunities for success is the foundation of networking.  As a result, I want to achieve 5 main goals with Biosbiz:

  1. Grow a business based on the products that helped my family’s health, especially with heart disease/cholesterol, diabetes, and weight loss.
  2. Centralize good resources to help with personal and professional development, not only for those who join me, but the communities we are a part of.
  3. Connect smaller North Texas businesses and individuals to each other.
  4. Help people realize that no one product, medicine, or therapy will work for everyone, and even things that work for us today may not give us the same benefits later.  Our bodies constantly change and adapt.  We constantly need more ideas!
  5. I intend to provide information about various products and therapies that are mentioned so readers have choices that they can reference.  People can mention their products or experiences with products, but NO sales pitching.
  • A local contact listing or referral page will be developed as my site grows.  There will be a products section that people who are selling products can be listed on, and people or businesses in our community that might be a good resource as you grow and “define your prime”.  That definition will keep changing!

This website content quite simply has a personal connection with me.  I intend to talk to businesses before they are posted here, and help them get known in the community.  Most of those listed will probably be discovered by me, or recommended.  My library will increase with books or articles that I’ve found helpful as I develop a new mindset and grow.  I also want to draw attention to local charities and donor program events.  Giving back, whether it’s offering a few hours at an event or donating blood, has the affect of making your heart lighter and burdens easier.

Offering ideas and topics of interest are encouraged!  If I personally don’t know much about topics that come up, I would also love to know if you have contacts who do!  Bring our local business professionals into the spotlight – not just from health and wellness careers either.  I want to know about organizations and events you find out about, too.  We need to know the practical ways anyone (from office personnel to day laborers to students) found to cope with the issues that are discussed, and what they learned.  Register on Biosbiz to leave comments – see “register” on the right sidebar.

My experience as a middle school teacher and network marketing professional pointed out that many people don’t conquer the fear of reaching out to others.  When I went into network marketing, I was surprised at how forced and strained my conversations felt with other adults and businesses – and not only when offering information!  For 2 years I have tried to identify why no one was willing to open up and just talk.  Then I realized that the kids I worked with, 10 and older, had strong networks.  They spent time together, talked and socialized (for good or bad), and still had a mindset that was open to learning.  We need to establish and maintain meaningful connections.  After leaving school, the world gets scary again without good teachers or mentors to show us how to work outside of a classroom (or office) environment.  Let’s learn from each other!

My hope is to keep my site free, but it’s possible I will need to add a fee to go toward making sure the website functions properly as it grows, and pay for needed assistance to service and protect your information.  Anyone trying to spam or mass-mail my reference list with their service or product is not trying to network; businesses listed are places I recommend to go visit and connect with.  If misuse is reported, your access will be blocked!  Think long term, it’s not what you know now (product), it’s who you will know (meeting people with connections that may be helpful) that will help you grow stronger.